Survey Tenders: Find the Best Opportunities for Your Business

Published9th December 2021

Looking for survey tenders? Here?s how to find the best opportunities for your business

There are plenty of contract opportunities within the research sector, specifically survey tenders. These opportunities can be great for your business, and many companies turn to tendering for work for this reason. Hudson Discover is here to help you find ways of making it easier to find such contracts. So, you can spend more time on winning the contracts rather than searching high and low for them.

Where to find survey tenders

Most people would use a search engine to look for survey tenders, and this will bring up plenty of results. But most of these results will be spread across various websites. This will require hours of research in itself just to locate contracts. A lot of them may not have crucial information available either, or it may be difficult and time-consuming to find.

Luckily, many businesses have recognised this issue. This is why so many companies now offer tender portal services. These portals are the best way to streamline the process of finding survey tenders.

How to use portals to find survey tenders

Depending on the portal you use, you?ll be able to search for tenders of a specific sector. For example, our Research Tenders portal hosts various opportunities. We source opportunities including:

  • Market research
  • Academic research
  • Feasibility studies
  • Qualitative and quantitative research
  • Survey services and many more.

Most portals will use CPV codes to source tender opportunities. However, this can lead to misinformation and unreliable results. Our portals are updated daily by our admin team, so you can be assured the opportunities are legitimate. They?ll also be categorised correctly. Then you can use keywords and various other filters to find opportunities that are perfect for you.

Ultimately, a tender portal saves you hours of time by streamlining the process and having results in one place. For example, you may be looking for contracts in a certain location. Filters allow you to do that. They?ll also show you the value of the contracts.


To sum up what we have covered, survey tenders can be found much easier via tender tracking portals. These portals house various opportunities to save you hours of time searching multiple websites.

If you have further questions about survey tenders, please feel free to contact us. We aim to support and advise everyone we can to help their business grow.


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