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What is Research Tenders?

Time-saving tool

Research Tenders is a time-saving tool. Instead of spending hours searching for new business opportunities, we bring them straight to you.

No CPV codes

We don’t rely on CPV codes at Research Tenders. Instead, our team of Opportunity Trackers manually search hundreds of sources and manually upload each tender to our portal.


Your time is precious! Don’t waste it wading through irrelevant tenders. All of the opportunities on the portal have been hand-picked for research businesses.


This is a powerful and cohesive platform which encourages inter-trading between our 11 sector-specific opportunity tracking portals, whilst supporting buyers who need to acquire specific services from our Research Tenders subscribers.

This platform will revolutionise the way in which organisations conduct business with one another around the globe. Let us help you both buy AND supply simultaneously with our portals.

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Need help with writing a bid?

Our team at our sister company, Hudson Succeed, have been writing and winning tenders for over 60 years.

They proudly hold an 87% bid success rate and vast experience in the research industry.

Why choose Research Tenders?

Hudson’s Research Tenders portal brings you a huge variety of research-related contract opportunities, suitable for your organisation. We have found that our clients need opportunity tracking which is easy, efficient and bespoke.

Hudson never rely on algorithms or CPV codes to run our searches. Our dedicated in-house Opportunity Trackers manually search hundreds of opportunities every day. Our Research Tenders portal provides you with the latest, most relevant and current contract opportunities.

There is a huge variety of research tenders available through our portal. These are suitable for organisations including freelancers, micro businesses, small-to-medium-enterprises (SMEs) and large organisations.

You can find research tenders for services including:

Market research – including surveys, focus groups, data collection, interviews, market segmentation, brand awareness and public consultation.

Business development research – including case studies, stakeholder research, qualitative and quantitative research and evaluation tools.

Social research – including mobile app and online surveys, postal surveys, desktop research, and public consultation.

Academic research – including literature reviews, feasibility studies, evaluations and workshops

Evaluation – including campaign evaluations and evaluation tools.

Environmental research – including data collection, report writing, surveys and strategies.

The scope for contracts in this area is incredibly wide. New opportunities are available on our Research Tenders portal daily. Here, you can use our simple search and filter function. This will enable you to quickly find research tenders which are suitable for you. You can search by region, contract value, budget and more. All you need to do is enter a keyword and instantly find live tenders, relevant to you.

Tenders are available through a number of different contract types. This will give your organisation flexibility in the tendering process. For example, you can tender for:

– Standalone contracts
– Framework agreements
– Dynamic Purchasing Systems (DPS’).

To be awarded a research contract, you must pass a number of stages. These stages include:

– A selection questionnaire (SQ)
– Quality or technical responses
– Pricing proposals.

Initially, you must pass all sections within the SQ, demonstrating how your organisation meets the buyer’s requirements. This may include providing evidence of:

– Organisation registration
– Certifications, qualifications and experience
– Insurance
– Finance eligibility.

A smaller contract for gathering feedback or public consultation may only require a single contract tender. However, a local authority may procure via a framework, which is divided into Lots (or services/areas).

Through Lots, you can provide your organisation’s specific services. For example, a buyer may designate focus groups as one Lot, and feasibility studies as another. Lots are often divided into areas or wider regions. This largely depends on the scale of services required by the buyer.

There are research tenders available across the country. Contract budgets can range from thousands to millions of pounds. They can also range from a number of weeks to years. This is dependent on the scope of the buyer’s requirements.

Often, research tenders require multi-disciplinary engagement, therefore suppliers must be willing to work with other organisations and authorities.

Research tenders will help to develop:

– Local and national policy
– Reviews of how effective implemented policies are
– A deeper understanding of social, economic and environmental
risks, issues and solutions
– Technological innovations
– Medical innovations
– Engineering solutions
– Area-specific research
– Strategies for how future resources can be used most effectively.

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