Bid Writing for Research Contracts

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Winning research contracts requires an in-depth knowledge of Bid Writing and procurement processes. Don’t worry if you are new to tendering. As well as our Research Tenders portal, we also offer dedicated Bid Writing support. This service comes courtesy of our sister company, Hudson Succeed. 

Together with the Succeed Team, we can help you find and win the research contracts that you want to deliver. 

Bid Writing Services for Research Contracts


Tender Ready

Our Tender Ready package was designed to help businesses that are new to the world of tendering. During this programme, our team will create and professionally brand all the corporate literature you will need when tendering for work. Our Bid Writers can also write your next response or guide you through two. 


Tender Writing

This is our ad-hoc Bid Writing solution. Our Bid Writers will craft your responses and submit the final tender on your behalf. This is the perfect service for businesses that only require one-off bid support but don’t have the internal resources. Simply send the tender specification to our team and let us take care of the rest. 


Tender Improvement

Have you tendered for work in the past but didn’t see the success you were looking for? During the Tender Improvement programme, our Bid Writers will assess your previous tender responses and highlight any areas for improvement. They can then either write your next bid on your behalf or guide you through two. 


Tender Mentor

This is our guide and review service. It is always recommended to have your work checked before you submit your final bid. Our Bid Writers will analyse your tender response. They will check for any grammar or content issues that could result in a loss of marks. You can then submit your bid with confidence. 


Our Experience in the Research Sector

Hudson Succeed is part of the wider Hudson Group. The team has supported numerous clients in the research sector, helping them to grow their businesses through tendering. 

Our Bid Writers proudly hold an 87% success rate. They are also trusted by over 700 businesses globally. 

Get Started

To learn more about how we can help you to secure new research contracts, please get in touch. Our team will be happy to share their experiences in more detail and provide advice or guidance. 

Finding new research contracts has never been easier. Our team of Opportunity Trackers manually search thousands of websites every day so that you never miss a contract.

We source tenders for services including; market research, academic research, feasibility studies, surveys, quantitative and qualitative research, to name a few.

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